I was looking at an Ashdown Fallen Angel 60w combo or halfstack.
I was reading it then I realised it said "Now, with the inclusion of state-of-the-art digital processing"
I was wondering if this would effect me running a Boss GT-8 through it in any way? and are there any other problems with this?
also may aswell ask while i'm here, i'll be looking to play things as heavy as death metal and also some Opeth like accoustic/cleans, would the amp be able to handle these requirements?
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It's got a few onboard, preset FX, nothing fancy - there's an effexts loop you can stick your GT8 in. You might want an OD pedal for really heavy stuff (i doubt the distortions on the GT-8 will be good enough).
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I've heard that the FA's do high-gain metal really well.
But, as far as gain goes, you might have to decide yourself.
For instance, I thought a Peavey Windsor could do Hatebreed tones without the boost on, and with the boost on the mids rolled a bit I could get Unearth.
However, some people say the Windsor can't do much more than 80's thrash.
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