just been tabbing Childhood's End (Iron Maiden) *one thats atually correct* and suddnenly, when i was swining it into position the bottom end of my whammy snaps off. What im talking about is the bit that screws into the bridge, half of it snapped off and is about half a cm deep into the screw slot. What the bleeding hell should i do about it? buy a new one (its one of the ones thats from a fender or squier, that kinda bridge? or what???

ive been putting off getting a new guitar becuase i wanna buy a PS3, but now this has happened, im ****ing annoyed. stupid POS. ah well it lasted 2 years...

but yeah.. advice would be appreciatted
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google something like "how to extract a broken bolt" or somethign liek that. Its basicly the same thing.
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get a screwdriver and screw into the top of the arm thats stuck in, and when the hole is big enough, screw out. this happened to me twice, for the second time, i just bought a new bridge. you might as well buy a new guitar, ive heard bad things about the PS3 that put myself off buying it.
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lol, well ive got to buy a PS3 at some point (biggest Final Fantasy fan in the world = me), but im sure i could put it off for a while, bt me and my bro wanted to buy it like togehter, so he's not very happy about it, im going into central london tomrow though, so im gonna have a look at some guitars wiht my mum, and maybe i can push her into helping me out??? i dunno, lol, but i need a new guitar at somepoint anyways
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