u hit the string and then touch the string with the tip of ur pick untill u get that little noice

im not an expert,but there r alot of lessons on it
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lots of distortion and mids, pick the note (start on the g string, its easier) stop the note with the edge of your thumb directly after you picked it you have to find the right node which to stop the string with your thumb to really get it to jump out and just keep trying till you get it
I noticed (at least of my rig) it's easier to get pinch harmonics with the bridge pickup.
I just got the hang of them over the weekend they take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of them there pretty easy really just find a harmonic theres one i found on the 3 fret of the g string which is pretty cool mute the others string with your thumb and a finger (whichever finger feels easier)pick the string then just touch the harmonic lightly and you should have it (hope this makes sense and helps a bit)
Curl your index finger together, so that the top of your index finger touches your knuckle. The "lines" on your finger should form a Y. Then take your thumb and lay it on top of your finger, and put your pick in between your thumb and index finger. When you hit the string, make sure to hit it with the pick and then with the tip of your thump.

And make sure to shake the string like your killing a cat.
why everyone say lots of distortion? u think everyone plays at volume 1? u just basically need any distortion, and its just the or YOUR technique, u can PH's in clean too just have to be good enough. well anyways.... listen to them they basically got it above ^
Just an influence.