So anyways, how 'bout them Mets, eh?

I mean, I've been drawing and tinkering with a design for a while, and I think I narrowed it down pretty much now. The specs will be roughly like this:

5-layer (mahogany with two rosewood stringers) thru-neck construction.
Walnut body wings.
Chambered LP doublecut shaped body (see image).
Ziricote or similar top with f-holes (bookmatched?)
24¾" scale length.
22 frets.
2 P-90 pickups.
Tune-o-matic bridge with piezo saddles (Fishman?).
Thru-body stringing.
Sperzel locking tuners.
Block neck inlays.
White body binding.
Earvana nut.

Schaller straplocks.

Magnetic pickup crossfader/blender knob.
2 tone knobs for magnetics pickups.
Equalizer for piezo.
2 output jacks, each with on/off switches for both the magnetic and piezo (idea ripped off from Calum Barrow- brilliant idea, dude).

See, now comes the questions:

Here's a rendering of the chambering. The center block is for the bridge and thru-body stringing holes. Now, would this chambering be functional with the f-holes in the top?

(I haven't modelled it around the thru-neck, but that'll come. This is just to show the chambers)

Next question: Is there some sort of reasonable way of shielding the electronics in a semihollow? And would there also be a decent way of making a cavity cover on the back of the body?

Now, before anyone starts expecting pictures tomorrow, I'll just say that I'm completely broke at the moment, so I'm NOT gonna start this up ANY time soon. This is just research so I can get some issues cleared up way before they become a potential problem. Planning, planning, planning. I've been told it's gonna pay off when I start whipping out the tools.
That "partial" through neck draft looks very interesting! I'm pretty sure you can make it work. I can already imagine the variety of tones you can get from the specs you just posted. As far as the functionality of the chambering with the F holes on top, I'll defer to the pros and savvier builders. I suspect it will have an effect on the tone much like most semi-hollow electrics.

Looks challenging but probably worth it. Good Luck!

I don't know anything about chambered guitars and semi-hollows, but I just wanted to say that Ziricote is freaking awesome. Also, yay for P-90s!
If it's a partial neck through like Ippon and the picture would suggest, very intriguing. I've really only seen that on basses. Well, there there's a deeply set neck...
About it being a partial neck-thru... Well, I haven't quite decided if the center block is gonna be the end of the neck or if I'm gonna continue it all the way to the butt and then rout through all the neck laminates. I think both options would look and work great, but I'm a little bit in love with the rosewood stringer going all the way through. Also, I think it'd be less difficult.

I have it mostly modelled out in 3D, but haven't made the materials (meaning it's all just flat coulours, no textures or anything. I could give you some WIP renders to show off the general design even though it wouldn't quite show it off in all its glory. Wanna see?
That's alot of space just there with no support. I'd leave a few strips of wood to act as a support.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Yeah, I was thinking of chiseling out some supports for some sort of maple "bridges" to support it a little better. Like this.
Nah, I want a full chamber. Partially for the aesthetics, partially from a puritan point of view, and partially because I don't have any experience whatsoever with those honeycomb-esque chambers. I know what I can expect from a traditional semihollow, and I actually don't think the downsides (mainly the feedback) are that bad. I like to be able to make it feed furiously, and it's not really very difficult to mute it when I want it to shut up.

Besides, I'm not gonna give these f-holes up (clicky for biggerness):
About the chambering, I think you may want to extend the support wood for the bridge, and maybe add some bracing on teh soundboard.
Why not do a comination of

With super large chambers, instead of one big one, or a bunch of little ones.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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I have thought of that, with the horns having seperate chambers and a chamber at the butt. But I don't really know what differently shaped chambers do for the acoustics and resonance of the thing... Is anyone really proficient with these things? Cord? Anyone else?
So, there was a question in the first post regarding something other than the chambering: Can you reasonably shield a hollowbody guitar? How much of an effect would it have if I shielded the pickup cavities fully, and then only had copper tape on the inside face of the top?