hey well i'm clueless when it comes to tones and different sounds that can be produced through guitar but i'm really desperate to find out all the gear and stuff i'm going to need to get the right soud for me.

I really want to get a sort of Dimebag type thrash/groove metal sound, i watched a vid of one of his licks and i noticed he uses like a reverb/delay type pedal i was wondering if anybody knows what type of thing i should be looking for, also i am fairly unhappy with my distortion at the moment, having only had my guitar for a few months i haven't invested in any sweet distortion pedals but i'm looking into now. Anybody got any suggestions for a decent distortion pedal for "dimebag style" sound? also anything else that i am going to need to get a really neat sound with my equipment which is as follws:

yamaha pacifica 112
roland cube 15

yea i know not the typical metal rig ey? well yea like i said i've only just got them so i'm going to have to think hard about what i spend my money on.

Any help is much appreciated, i have been over the moon with the help i have got so far from this forum so i have no doubts that you will be able to hook me up.

Well the amp is decent for a starter amp, and it can get you a metal tone....I'd say (although i may not be correct) you'd be best of keeping the amp's own dist instead of getting a pedal, at least until you upgrade to a bigger/better amp.
oh ok thanks it just doesn't seem to have that really neat sound i hear so often with some of my friends, well they actually play les pauls and warlocks, jackson rr3's etc. but still with a bit of shopping around i didn't think i could be far off, i think maybe i'll look into amps, thanks for the input
Start off with a few simple settings and then adjust according to your own preferences. On the EQ, turn the bass all the way up to 10, the mid all the way down to 0, and the treble somewhere between 6 and 9. If the amp has a presence knob set it pretty high as well. Set the gain to about 7 and adjust the volume accordingly. If you have a master volume, all the better.

A delay is often used to thicken up the sound. Set a delay to respond loudly and die off quickly and then set the tempo fast enough to where the only way you can discern two separate notes is when you play staccato.
thanks, i'm kind of liking those settings sound pretty cool, got any suggestions for a decent delay pedal then? my budget is anything up to £40-50

cheers for the advice so fare
Really and truly the best "all-around" delay pedal I've come across is the Line6 though I'm not sure it falls within your budget. Make sure you get something with a tap-tempo.