This is the following:
I'd like to get rid of the logo in the head of my guitar so I can put another one with my signature.
How the hell can I do so ?
fine sand paper. use stain to match the rest of the headstock if that spot is now lighter. then ink jet the new logo and then clear coat on top.

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thats a well cool idia.
i wanna do it to now.
spill the beans people.
Haven't done it myself, but I would say the easiest (if it's a painted finish) is to slightly rough up the surface of the headstock with smooth sandpaper, mask the edges, prime, and repaint with the same color. Add whatever logo you want to that, then spray a clearcoat overtop to seal it.
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well, i removed my squier's logo, but i sanded the whole neck, so there were no darker spots (the main objective in this to make the most best satin neck ever) and i succeeded.

for more infor check the link in my sig.

then print ur logo, and...i think you'll haveto put a layer of automotive laquer on top of the paper/sticker with your logo, for it to be under 'glass' effect, and stay in its place.

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no wait what about printing the logo cutting around the dges so that only the logo is visble, sticking it to the head with glue and then using varnish ?
use that see through kind of plastic paper you can print on (its see through), with the sticky other side. then use varnish on top.

that would work in theory.
Yeah good idea. I'll try that, I think I have some of that paper.
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