The one in my town is hiring and im thinking about applying for a job there
Anyone have any expeirience there, or know if i will have to cut my hair ?
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My experience... whenever I'm on vacation in California, I go eat there, and its good. They didn't make me cut my hair when I did that.
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Just tie it back.

And yes, apply for it.
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They have bible quotes on their cups and napkins and such. Wouldn't be my cup of tea to work there, though they do pay fairly well with starting wage being $9.50 in San Diego.

Just don't give Satan as a reference, ask yourself if you want to work for hardcore jesus freaks, and remember that Jack In The Box is much better.
Cut your hair if its that long and work there, free / cheap burgers what could be better
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Well, how long is your hair.
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I´m also thinking about working(but just for summer holiday)in a factory.It will be hard, but if I work there for 4 weeks, I can make more than one grand.
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