Hey, really good song. There are parts in the middle where sometimes it seems everything fades back then gets louder? i think the rhythm guitars could be brought up, maybe be a little clearer. The lead guitar sounds great, the drums too. Liked the vocals and the changes, and the backups are really good. Maybe lose that stray chord right at the end of the recording. Awesome though. Home recorded?? Good stuff. makes me wish i lived in the UK.

crit mine, if you get a chance- Eleanor Rigby's Funeral
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Thanks for the crit !

it was all bedroom recorded so its just a demo at the moment ...we're hopefully going to be redoing it soon tho..watch this space for the louder guitar version!
Yeah. I liked this song. Vox are crazy and guitar is awesome, too. There is nothing to say about it really because it sounds good. The recording quality sounds good, too. It's pretty catchy and I like the background vocals and especially the part right before the solo. I thought the solo was well done, too. Good job. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Nice man! The vocals, like everyone else said, are pretty crazy! The rythm guitar is really nice Keep working, I like that.