My left hand is retardly slow when it comes to playing riffs etc let alone trying to shred... anyone got any tips on speeding it up?
How long have you been playing?
You will probably just need to work out your left hand a bit more than normal with chromatic runs and whatnot.
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Start slow and practice gradually faster until you get up to speed. There's no trick to playing fast.
Penatonic scale, and even if your left hand was fast, it dosen't make it accurate.
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its something i've been trying to do for a while and i don't seem to get any results and it just gets frustrating at times. Its like when trying to do rapid alternative picking i just can't get my right hand in left hand in sync. if i just do my left hand on its own theres a bit of speed...
Practice like crazy and don't stop practicing even when ur good at shreding
lol, i had the same prob with sweeps last year, now, im sweepin' like a pro!

BTW, this is insanely fun to play, start REALLY slow and in 6 months or so you will be playin it fast

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I hear ya bro, i've been playing 8 years and still can't shred no matter how many times i've done that bloody pentatonic thing. My reccomendation is to just go out and learn how to use some really cool 7th chords and stuff and from there start working out arpeggio progressions from your rhythm works. Granted that's still just as hard but if your left hand is slow, it allows you to focus more on controlling your right hand for tempo while your left hand generally just hasta sit there muting a string or two.
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are you right handed or left handed? i take it you fret with yourleft? if you do, get one of those little squeezey things, im not sure what they are called, but they have like four little springs and you oush them in individualy, it increases your dexterity and strength of your fingers, either that or just switch hands when your playing with the old one armed bandit
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...or you can just start wanking more and save up on the squeez thingy.
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