Alright, so i've been saving up for my boogie dual recto for a very very long time, and now it seems that i've drifted away from metal. It's not really what i enjoy to play or listen to anymore. I'm extremely into classic rock again, my first love.
i.e. my favorites = Zep, Jimi, Allman Brothers etc...

So to the point, now I don't want that golden dual recto anymore. I've already got a Mesa traditional cab, but i think i would like to get something with a very driving vintage classic sound.

I've played a couple DSL's and i really didnt like them. I did play some sort of origional Marshall plexi yesterday and i was floored. Are the reissues as good?

Lastly, i've heard extremely good things about JCM800's. I just can't seem to find enough on them.

What do you guys think would be good choices for me? And not just from what i mentioned.

-price is not a worry

Thanks - dave
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JCM 800 is the bomb. really nice. you can get the classic rock tone and even a more hard
rock. Plexi would be best though. you could get it modded for a Master volume if you wanted or you could just go with the JCM 800. I'm not sure if the reissues are as good as the originals though
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If you want to split the difference between the two (metal and classic rock) you might look into a Silver Jubilee/ Slash sig (they are the same thing).

For vintage tone, the Plexi is it. The reissues are pretty good, but if you have a bit more cash you might want to look at Mojave amps:

Built-in attenuator, handwired, and HUGE transformers. They sound amazing, too.
I was really impressed with the THD amps to be perfectly honest. The JCM800's are pretty much the stable of the "pretty darn good for just about everything" realm of accessibility. The THD Flexi offers a tone a bit more on par with the original Plexi, with a level of universal accessibility a bit more on par with the JCM800's. That and you can put pretty much any tubes you want into them so you'll never be tonally limited.
Well i tried the Flexi and it was nice.

But if you want really authentic tone get a Metro:

Check out the '67, seems to be what your looking for. I want one of those!
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I would get the Dual anyway. You can still get classic rock sounds on the mesa just like a jcm 800 or plexi.

If you by a marshall plexi or JCM 800 now and want to get back to metal a few months later you'll end up selling the marshall for a loss and getting the dual recto anyway. Music tastes change all the time. Stick to what you wanted first!
Metro Amps = :thumbup: Very impressive replicas.

Though I maintain I would look into something more for the accessibility it offers. A Marshall (or Marshall clone) can do metal just fine.
Side question: everybody who recommends a dual rec says it will 'do anything' and yet I've never heard one doing anything but metal. Are there some clips somewhere to demonstrate its full range of tones? I'm a bit skeptical as to whether an amp with such a modern and high-gain voicing would sound any good for classic rock.
My biggest argument against the Dual Rec is the same argument I have against the Soldano SLO, the H&K TriAmp, The Ampeg VL1002, and a few others. It will do a few things "perfectly" and most things "alright." It will do everything, but what it won't do is everything "pretty darn good." At least not on the level that seems to be the universally accepted standard that is the Marshall JCM800.
The Dual 3 channel has the setting for vintage on it. i have ch1 as clean, ch2 as crunch (that'd be what you're looking for), then you got ch3 which is balls to the wall metal! Check it out anyways... the JCM is limited IMO. Still very sweet though!
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You can get some Soldano amps with awesome cleans channels and the SLO gain, which can do a hell of a lot. The H&K is an impressive amplifier and can do "everything" good, and a few of the those things are pretty darn good, and ****ing awesome. JCMs seem awfully limited IMO. Just Marshall drive, and shitty cleans(Yes, I said it) whereas other amps can do the Marshall sound, plus more. Triamp doesn't get enough credit and shits on a lot of amps made right now IMO.
One of my good friends uses a TriAmp and an 800 in his rig and the TriAmp is truly a very impressive piece of work. I guess it all really comes down to preference in the end. I play with a lot of amps and still continue to be blown away by the versatility of the 800, but everyone has their thing.
Don't forget about orange! I have a Rocker 30 and it's great for the bands you mentioned. But if you have no price limit I agree with the person who said Mojave, they're great amps.
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Quote by OverTheHills
Don't forget about orange! I have a Rocker 30 and it's great for the bands you mentioned. But if you have no price limit I agree with the person who said Mojave, they're great amps.

+1. Orange Rocker 30's distortion is quite interesting.

At low volumes, bring up the distortion for some break up, then to some low distortion, then turn it all the way up for some hard rock love'n. Never tried to do that when cranked though, I would think you could also do metal with it cranked.

I can play classic 80's metal fine with this amp...never really tried thrash though. But I say, the rocker 30 is built for hard rock'n, check it out.
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Don't get a reissue.

Get a modded JMP or JCM 800. Barring that, get a splawn.

+1 on the splawn.
awesome guys, mojave... any big names that you know use em?

no reason... just looking for a couple good quality tone samples
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how bout a splawn quickrod, the new models have nice cleans, can get you that marshall tone, and are hotrodded so you can get high gain stuff if you ever feel like going back to metal.
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Yeah, splawn would probably be a good choice, as said they're pretty much a hot rodded Marshall. I don't know a whole lot about them, other than I've heard they're really good