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I think you guys should have an ultimate guitar magazine! That would be awsome, and you could hold polls to see what we want in it, and throw some good tabs in, it could do well with all the members you have, and plus all the people who just want a good mag to read.
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Well lets look at it this way, we have a free website, that gives you all the information you need, other than anything found in the pit. But instead, your suggesting we pay for a magazine that might not contain information we want, concluding we go back to the website. I find this pretty pointless, I will just stick with Guitar World...
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The idea came up before, there was a team of fowk doing stuff for it, there was a thread started in the pit. Do a search - there still might be interest in having one.
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But how is a free Russian based guitar forum supposed to put out a magazine? And why?
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There's been the idea, and it didn't work out that well. I don't think there's a need for it anyway. We have columns and such for everyone to read right there. Publishing the magazine would be utterly useless.
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I wouldn't buy it

Actually though, I agree with paint. We have the columns and such.
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Yeah. The idea was well received for a bit until everyone noticed the lack of point in having it - the site itself is a glorified magazine.

Nice idea, but the reality would probably have been one issue and it would have then become defunct.
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It's like that time when zappp had a UG store.
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there was a ug store????
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^ So business is booming lol
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