I need a cab for my lonestar head. I want a cab with vintage 30's. Would a mesa 2x12 be different say from a carvin lagacy 2x12 cab? They both have V 30's. Would you be able to tell the difference. I'm new to the whole stack/cab experience. Any cabs you might suggest sounding amazing w/ the lonestar is appreciated too V 30's or not.
Earcandy Buzzbomb 2x12 with sugar cones if you can afford them, they will dominate pretty much any other 2x12 out there and probably many 4x12 cabs. Carvin makes good cabs too. Even though a lot of cabinet makers use V30s, they each seem to have a signature sound to them because they are made differently. I think Mesas are a tad muddy IMO.
I've got the Mesa cab, and I love it. Not familiar with the Carvin. Orange also builds incredible cabs with V30's, but they wire them for 16 ohms. That's a consideration. Your head will probably do that, but Mesa cabs are generally 8 ohms. That's probably a better fit. I've got the opposite problem, I think I'm looking to pair my cab with a Tiny Terror. I'm just about ready to take the plunge. Anyway...

The V30 is a common, popular speaker, and you'll find them in a lot of products. I got my cab used, and I'd recommend you check out that market as well. You could have a company like Avatar build you one to your specs (open or closed back, etc.). I haven't used them, though, and you've got folks here who love 'em and folks who hate 'em. You'll have a tough time finding someone who hates Mesa or Orange.
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Just cause its got the same speakers doesnt mean it will sound the same as another cab with the same speakers.

Take your head to some shops and pair it with some cabs and see which you like best. Thats what I did.