I'm a selftaught guitarist (3,5years). I never learnt it hard- my main course was learning some songs and stuff, no scales and other educational material. Nowdays I came up to a problem, that I can't play good without a BIG warm up. I just can't take a guitar and play even classical gas flawlessly. Why is this happening? Is my technique too bad ( then what is necessarily to improve it and reduce my warm up time) or maybe It's my 110$ guitar, although I doubt it . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I think you just described me to a T. The way I see it though the more compicated songs you get into the more you'll realize you need to warm up, every musician warms up before performing so it isn't like you're alone on that one. As you get more experienced you'll be able to play harder and harder songs with less warmup but the more complicated ones require a few scale runs before getting them to flow smoothly. That's just the way I see it anyway, it would be good if someone more experienced could verify this though.
I think all guitarists need to warm up a little bit. The amount you need to warm up depends really on what you want to play. How long does this warm up take you?
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Well, practicaly it depends on my mood, but lets give it 30min of just jamming and then I'm ready to play flowly enough. And how are scales, etudes and other similar material needed to develop a good technique?
Use a metronome when practising your scales and it develops rhythm, strength, speed, flexibility, and such in your playing. This works not only for the fretting hand but also the picking one as well. Try incorporating some economy picking in your exercises, or if you're trying to work on finger picking instead there are various arpeggio exercises that can be useful as well (whether for picado or chord arpeggiation...not quite sure if that's a word).