I just bought a used Fender Princeton Chorus (2x10"). Its an amazing amp and the cleans to very tube-like. But one of the speakers was replaced with some old, no-name piece of junk. I'm pretty certain the crap speaker is muddying up my overdriven tone. I want to put a new speaker in to match the original Fender one thats still in there. What would be my best option? I dont play much distortion. I'm mainly into blues and classic rock.

Also, would I have to solder anything? How simple is it to put the new one in?
you have to solder yeah but other than that its REALLY easy to replace a speaker.

fenders use jensen P10R for their 10inchers.

what is the other speaker thats in the amp at the moment? if its the original speaker i would assume its gonna be a P10R too.

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You don't even have to solder most times. The wires to the speakers have connectors that will clip on the the terminals on the speaker.
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jensen p10r...ew

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