Ok probs in wrong forum but hey it UG. I am searching for a classic rock style Overdrive like AC/DC or Guns n Roses. Can anyone suggest any good pedals that will produce this sound?
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This should go in Guitar Gear & Accessories.

I'd try the Big Muff, maybe? Not too sure when it comes to Classic Rock. :/
the rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive
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I realy love the SD-1

I dont play much classic rock but the pedal fits realy well.

Its no good for metal rythm but its sounds sweeeet when using the neck pickup and shredig your ass of.
I think i gonna start using it instead of my MT-2 . I just cant seem to get a decent tone out of it anymore.
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ibanez tubescreamer, imo, i also like the fulldrive series

Yeah, but a Tube Screamer really doesn't have a whole lot of distortion on its own. People realized this, and the fact that it's almost entirely transparent, and used it as a boost to make tube amps distorted at lower volume levels, or to make an already distorted amp more distorted.
I'm thinking more the BIG rhythm sound, as I am a rhythm guitarrist. Is the VOX Cooltron Big Ben OD, or Brit Boost. At the moment i have a Boss ME-50, but i am not satisfied with the OD on it.

I know i am going to get flamed for this, but what would produce a green dayish rhythm sound?

Anyone have any opinions on either of the pedals mentioned, or any better suggestions
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
I think for a green dayish sound you just gotta use your amps dist.

I dont know what amps he uses but i think its something from the JCM series
If you can afford it a Klon Centaur
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