Hello guys...
Ive been playing guitar for 2 months consistently now... I have my bad days when I feel im shit and my good days when I feel I can improve.

I dont have a teacher so im using the internet to help me improve,do u guys have any tips, sites, or stuff I can do to improve with results?


I suggest getting a teacher.

Aside from that, get your theory and technique down.
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keep practicing until your fingers bleed. Then some more.

Dont get into bad habbits (which is what u might need a teacher to tell u not to do) and dont give up!

and make sure everything u learn, i nail it, not like half know it or can kinda do it, thats for wimps.
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don't worry about having bad days. every guitarist has bad days. you will feel like poo, but don't let that bother you. cuz the next day, you might play better than you have ever done.
also, i wouldn't worry about getting a teacher. if you are still new at playing, they will tell you how they think it should be done. develop your own techniques. all i can say, and this is from personal experience, don't strum at your elbow. its an easy habit to get into. i played that way for almost 2 years. then i hit a wall when it came to speed. so i had to reteach myself how to play with my wrist, essentially losing all that time i had under my belt.
everything i didn't know about guitar, i looked up online. just as you are doing. if you aren't satisfied with what you know, take a music theory class at a local community college, as theory is hard to learn from text. and if you want just basic warm ups and things like that, check out issues of guitar world and guitar player. they have tons of excersices that can enhance you playing.
first and formost, if you don't get a teacher then i suggest getting some instructional videos from renowned guitarists, not "the dude from blink 182 shows you how to play guitar" also associate yourself with musicians that are exceptionally good, ask them questions, mostly theory and the like you can learn on your own, i recommend asking really good local musicians things like "am i holding my hands the right way? are my fingers pressed down properly?" and things like that. the really technical stuff, the reason being, if you learn improper technique it can take a LOOOONG time to correct it. i'm still correcting my technique from years of bad practice (and probably will be for the next 2 years) i also recommend finger and scale exercises using all 4 fingers so that you don't become a 3 finger player.
Thx alot for the tips and motivators peeps.... keep em comin.... but anyway, I live in Egypt so it will be kinda hard to find a good teacher to show me the skills I will need for the future u know....