Ok so a shop I go to now and again have getting in a few schecters, No C-1's unfortunly! They got in the Omen 6 extreame, the Demon 6 and the 006.

So im looking for a new guitar and wondering out of those 3 models which is it best!!
never heard of the first two but the 006 is pretty good.
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What? check em out some schecters have crappey buils quility at the schecter factor they got a blob of black paint on the white neck of my tempest and then clearcoated over it as well as some dents too. its still a shit hot guitar tho
It depends what music u want to play if is metal etc then the Demon 6 but if not metal i would go for the 006 or the omen extreme see whitch one you like.I have a schecter omen 6 and its good for the price.
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Yeah, you should try 'em out. Schecters are sexy peices of guitars, but the builds can be a bit lopsided in a few cases. But if you find a guitar with a good build, go for it. They are great for the price
is the demon the one with the bats on the neck and the floyd? with the EMG hz's? if it is its an OK guitar for the money, i had one but i got rid of it
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