hey guys iv newly got a band but a reli small place to play soo i need a 60watt combo any ideas on models or makes?
it need a gd overdrive because we are a metal/ indie band(yes i know cnt be both but we still deiding what genre to go)
i'm selling a deville 410. 60 watts, all tube. it'll handle the indie, but for the metal i could throw in a proco turbo rat for a few bucks. $500 for the both, + shipping assuming you're in the U.S.
I'm selling my Orange AD30 TC 2x12 w/ a road case. 30 watts of tube power is loud as balls, and the gain channel gets really dirty. Its in the classified forum.
thnx 4 the help ill get back 2 u on them if i dnt get this amp iv just placed a big on
im selling a Line 6 spider 2 75 watts for 150
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spider is teh 1337 4 rawking

But if youre looking for a cheap, effecient combo amp, that you will probably have to replace if youre considering taking music seriously, then the spider is for you. If you want something that will last you a LONG time, but is pricey... I would look at getting an orange, much like the guy up there has listed, but it's VERY expensive but VERY worth it. I know fender makes a few good combo's..
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*Suggests for new guitar? PRS?
*New pickups as well? HumBuckers?
I have a Crate GT212 (120 Watts/ 2 12" speakers). This is a great amp (I'm in a metal band, so I need good distortion too). It doesn't have effects, just three channels (Clean, Crunch, and Lead) and Reverb. I'd sell it for $275 plus shipping.

Even if you don't take mine, I'd seriously recommend NOT getting a Spider. Why do you think so many people are selling them? Spiders are cool bedroom amps, but not for playing in a band. Again, even if you don't take mine, I would recommend Crate, Marshall (make sure you try the one you buy though, they are hit and miss), Orange (very expensive though, they're tube though, so it's worth it), Mesa, Peavey (I'd recommend Peavey the most actually, for price and value, they kick ass), and Ibanez.

Hope that helps you.
I am selling a almost brand new line 6 spider 2 210 combo amp that will include a boss metalzone pedal. Both pedal and amp are almost brand new. I will let them go for 275 that includes shipping and handling via fedex.
i have a peavey ultra 2 x 12 ill let go for 450 look on harmony central at the reviews its a really versatile amp.