anyone play kings of chaos?


its a text based game, its pretty cool though. strategy.

my name is PureRage if anyone plays or if anyone wants to play, you can send me a message in the game. I'm just starting this age, i used to play a lot but warning, it can become addicting.

if you want to be one of my officers click this link and the number it tells you, then join as my officer. http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=h48ra9m7

oh and, click your link every 24 hrs and you get another soldier, the more soldiers you have, the more money you make.
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I used to play it, I still kinda do. Im high ranked in a strong alliance, but my interest started decreasing this summer.
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I used to play it. I dont anymore, I think it was because I reinstalled Diablo 2 or something. I cant remember. Good times...
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