ok so here's the deal, i had to drop the only class i was taking this semester due to me ****ing up, so i figure in my free time I'm gonna go balls to the wall with theory. Been working on it lately and I have a couple questions.

first off I understand the general concept with sharps and flats in the circle of 5ths, but I'm having trouble applying it. Me and some friends have been jamming and are in the process of writing a song so I figure I might as well analyze it so I can get the most out of it. I improvise to music I listen to a lot so I'm pretty good at just feeling out the notes, but I hit too many sour notes, and generally stick to the same pattern unless I've been messing around with it for a while.

Either way the progression I'm playing is B5 D5 A5-G5-A5, only a shorter duration on the last 3. At one part it slows down and I play a B5 and then kind of arpeggiate some Bm notes, then B5 again only I throw in the notes from D the second time around. From what I understand a Cmaj (assuming its just power chords) scale should work over it, but it doesn't seem quite right, and I've tried Am as the relative minor but only a couple notes from Am pent seem to work. So I'm wondering just where I'm going wrong seeing how my friends seem to take the less theory the more feeling mentality, so I can't really ask them.

My other question is when learning scales up and down the fretboard is it better to just start at the low e and go across or start at the root note and go from there? I understand the concept of the w-h pattern, but when it comes to learning scales it just blows my mind and I feel like I don't go anywhere with em, but I have a feeling that the answer to this one is just go at it step by step.

I just have a feeling that once I get past this roadblock things are gonna get a lot easier, because I've got some decent chops. But getting over this really seems to be a pain in the ass.
lets see....


B-Tonic......C#-Minor...D#Minor....E-sub dom...F#dom...G#-minor

those are the keys....

key of B....E and F#(G-flat) would be roots of pricipal chords...
try that and let me know how it goes..

and about those scales...try playing them all over the pattern..you can even convert a note in the middle to a linear scale..and go back on to the orignial scale position..
you can overlap some scales...its all about playin and playing. you will eventually stumble apon some great ideas.
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ok, fisrt let me say that I personally find the circle of fifths useless until you get into heavy theory. The notes you are playing are B F# D A E G based on this I would say you are using either using B minor or you could go for the darker B phyrigian. I learned scales first as box paterns like most others and then learned how to move them around and finally where every note on the guitar is.
You can play Bminor Pentatonic and/or B Aeolian. Aeolian is just another name for the natural minorscale. B phrygian as someone suggested isn´t a very good option in this case.
Yea Bm pentatonic or Aeolian work over the whole progression.

I dunno why you would think Cmaj would work over it since there isnt a single C note in the whole progression
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