Hey guys I've had my Taylor Big Baby for quite some time and the first string just popped on it. I've been needing to restring this anyways so does anyone have any instructions or should I just see a tech? I mean how tough could it be :O
yeh its not that hard at all, but if your unsure on anything its helpful to check on the web, they have a zillion step-by-step style guides for that kinda thing, and its something everyone should learn to do properly the first time
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Its easy as pie, just make sure you wind them on the right way and leave enough string on the winding peg. Once you have done it once you figure out how to do it quickly and how to make it easier on yourself.
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there's good videos out there aswell actually. i think there's one on the d'addario website. it might help to watch someone do it infront of you i guess. i love restringing guitars

Yeah ditto that.
I think its fun, plus when you first put them on and they sound so bright and clear, pity it only takes an hour or two for them to dull down a bit