Right everyone Im wondering about how to make the sound that the guitarist for rush makes in the 2112 song (the 20 minute bit, so one of the subsection) at 13 minutes to 13 minutes 50 seconds.

It kinda howl's and it's fantastic. I just wondered if it was him using a pedal, or bends or if it was some form of harmonics or if his guitar just sounds good when being played quickly. Anybody know how to make a guitar sound like that?

I'm not very good at this, but I'm going to vote a harmonic with a bend and a wah-pedal?
just your standard wah and an overdrive pedal or an overdriven amp.
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Ah, i mite be able to stretch to that then. i just like the sound, figured i could slot it into some of my songs if i knew how to do it. nice one
yea thats just a wah rocking on an open low e i think
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i dont think he is, since he doesnt even know who alex lifeson is. as he refered to him at the guitarsit from rush. but yeah, he used marshall aps i think then went to his signiture? but as for tone, overdrive, with wah, um chorus is some parts, he alos uses a hollowbody gibson with may give it a warmer sound. not sure if he did for 2112 but im just guiesiing since it slike his main guitar.
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