i was looking for something that i can use to thrash about and sutff. something i can take about to school band practice (i keep it in the school cupboard for the day, which ensures 99% chance of fallin over) i have a padded guitar bag so if it does fall im sure it wont properly brake. but just wondering whether the guitar is decent enough to play overall?


I've seen a video of a guy on the net using an SX Strat and it sounded pretty cool. Have a look at harmony-central and see what they say.
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so basically you want something cheap and sturdy?

i believe epiphone les pauls can take a punch
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Quote by Davester000
i dont want to thrash it but.......i kinda dont care if it does get thrashed

ok cool sorry about that then i miss understood...

I would say the Sx is good for that but without the locking system.Or get one of the cheeper agiles would be even better.

I wouldnt want to leave my guitar in school neather...
I wouldnt get that guitar, Get a agile without a trem. Trust me, cheap trems are nothing but a headache. Agiles though are fantastic guitars for the price
I looked around the agile site and I am not sure if this is your style and it might be out of your budget, but I would spend the extra cash and get this, I have played them before and there built like rocks in my experiance.


Its a nice playing and sounding guitar that will last.