I watched "From Yesterday", and from what you said at the start, i assumed you wouldn't be singing in the same octave as the singer from 30STM, but i was pretty impressed, as you did it the same, though perhaps tuned down a bit? Either way, it was still great...pitchy once in a great, great while...rare enough to make me a bit jealous =P. Awesome voice, nice playing, and nice camera...keep it up
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Dude, I dont usually comment on these covers so this is special.... abosultely FKin awesome cover of better than me, its a great tune and you did it justice....

Whilst on youtube I watched ur cover of chasing cars too... dude, you gotta get yourself down to an american idol audition or somethin (sorry forgot where abouts in the world your from). Your extremely talented and you have a voice that I would kill for, Im not jokin so... *thats a threat*

12/10... nice one.
OOOO im on tv!!!
looooooved the 30stm cover man, perfect
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