OK, so if I have the whole idea of this wrong I'm sorry but I'm still learning...

I want to write a song in a minor scale so I was wondering if it was best to
- play, for example, a group of 5th chords that fit into one minor scale
-OR play all minor chords within a minor scale and group those chords together

Any help would be fantastic... Thank you
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5th chords?

And you don't have to play all minor chords to be in the minor key.

You can use major, minor, augmented, and diminished - it just depends on what's your tonic.
5th chords - powerchords without the octave (i think???)
thank you muchly
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A 5th chord is a chord containing the root and the fifth. It can contain the octave, because that's still the root note.
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example of a minor progression:

Amin, Fmaj, Gmaj, Emin

very basic, but is minor all the same.
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.... back up.... first of all, i've seen some bad info here and we're only what 6 posts in? first things first, a minor scale is as i'm sure you noticed constructed of




however you want to look at it

in the Key of A it would be


to create the chords used in the minor key you are playing in you would take the tonic of the chord, it's third and its relative fifth... so it would be like this

i - A,C,E (Am)
ii dim - B,D,F (Bmdim)
III - C,E,G (C)
iv - D,F,A (Dm)
v - E,G,B (Em)
VI - F,A,C (F)
VII - G,B,D (G)

these are....

i,ii,III etc - the degree of the scale
F,A,C - the notes comprising the chord, starting at the Root, then its relative third and fifth (or bV in the case of the dim chord)


(F) the actual chord name and designation....

these are the chord and scale structure that you would use theoretically to get you started
i hope this helps some.