Well, I've never been hugely into blues, until now. I have discovered two players that have completly sparked my interest in both the music and the lyrics associated with early blues.

Blind Boy Fuller: A great guitarist in my opinion, not as technical as a lot but he has emotion by the bucketload and really got me into ragtime blues.

Anyone else like him? Favorite tracks etc?

Leadbelly: Arguably more of a folk singer than a blues singer but you really can't deny many of his songs. The sheer emotion behind them and the fact that he was the real deal, he lived the blues lifestyle and had all the trials and tribulations that came with it.

Personal favorites have to be Bourgeouis Blues, On A Monday and Blue Tail Fly. Again, anyone like him? Favorite albums? I've only got a 'Best Of Leadbelly' so any suggestions on actual albums to get would definatly help.

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Yea Leadbelly is quite amazing along with his life. Plus his 12 string tone is one of m favourite tones of early bluesmen.
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