Just purchased the Behringer FCA202 firewire interface ($80) and was wondering if it will allow me to connect my guitar via the 1/4 jack in on the Behringer to my pc recording program.

Im a little confused with all this talk of pre-amps and mixers ; all i want to do is record riffs, while listening to them in realtime using amplitube 2 with cakewalk's guitar track software. Right now im using the line in on my onboard soundcard, and its barly usable due to high latency and excess noise.
That particular unit doesn't have an instrument (hi-Z) input so you'll probably need some kind of pre-amp to get a usable result. You should also keep in mind that the latency issues you experienced before were due to insufficient RAM/CPU speed and will persist even with this setup unless you upgrade your computer as well.
i doubt that my latency issues were caused by insufficient cpu/ram. my setup is a 3.2ghz processor with 800mhz bus, with 2 gig's of ram. I have it feeling that the latency is caused by my line in input( 1/4 jack in guitar to 1/8 jack in line on my onboard soundcard.

whats a decent pre-amp which will allow me to get better results?