mehhh it needs a new bridge the tremolo sucks and it always falls out of tune so i was wondering if i should get a new bridge i was thinking of getting a fixed bridge on it but idk even know if i should upgrade this but idk when im getting a new guitar wich prolly wont be for awhile

First off, periods and other punctuation are your friends. Second, if the bridge sucks that bad, and you're not getting a new guitar for a while, go ahead and get a new one. It's not ridiculously expensive, and if the current bridge is giving you that much trouble, it'll be worth it.
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Sorry, exact puncuation didn't feel right at the time. Now it does and thx for the help.
the cheap Ibanez S series bridges arent very bad, if you have trouble staying in tune its a lot easier to upgrade to locking tuners ($50-$80 for a set)

a new bridge will probably cost you about $150 if you install it your self (including new routing and drilling of holes)

its not financially feasible to upgrade a bridge on a guitar that costs less than maybe $700.
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is there sites that u could show that have locking tuners so i get an idea of what to buy?
or mabye a good brand

Just block the bridge with 2 pieces of wood and take off the tremolo arm.

Voila~, a fixed bridge
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