well i'm just interested to know what the best metal humbuckers are? i know there are endless amounts of pickups but i want to know who the best manufacturers are and what the top models are at the moment, and also if i can slap any on my yamaha pacifica, hmm yea i know not the typical metal guitar but if i invest in a decent bc rich beast or jackson rr5 then i would be looking for some neat pickups. Any suggestions?

EMG 81's
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emg 81 at the bridge with an emg 60 at the neck. Kickass combo of high gain bridge pickup and a chunky rhythm at the bridge.
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EMGs the trademark of metal or you could go passive with some Seymour Duncans
yea i've seen a lot of those kicking around they looks gorgeous too, i take it emg are like the leading name in humbuckers?
if you like the Dragon Force tone and style try out DiMarzio. John Petrucci use dimarzio's too.
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