Ok well i have been searching for a new amp for a pretty long time now and i just wanna try to get to know everything about these amps i can without trying them(though i will) just like your personal experiences witht there quality i've been looking at

Ac30 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-AC30CC2-30W-2x12-Custom-Classic-Combo?sku=482620

Fender Twin http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Twin-Amp-100Watt-AllTube-Guitar-Amp?sku=480649

Peavey windsor http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-Windsor-Tube-Amp-Head?sku=481331

Crate Palomino http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Crate-Palomino-V50-30w-1x12-Combo-Amp?sku=480989 (possibly the 30w version)

I was looking at some hi gain monsters and realized i just dont need it my band never plays it, i usually just dick around with them sounds. so my question is how well do these amps do good old classic rock(the who, hendrix,led zep,)you know the good stuff ...also a side note i love slashes tone how do these do for that i know he uses a marshall but yea any comments are appreciated thanks in advance
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Well I would look into a Marshall Plexi, May not be able to get Slashes sound without a Od but you could easily get the sound of Zep etc. The Windsor is great for the price, never played one personally but heard that its like a Jcm 800, which mightent be fully up your street!
Fender Twin would be more for clean than the dist. yur after imo. Havent tried the Crate either so..
I stand by a plexi/Bluesbreaker anyway and the Ac30. try each of them out!!
I absolutely love Fender products, but the Twin isn't for you.

Your choices are really all over the place. The Vox AC30 is the best of the bunch for what you're looking for. Not surprisingly, it's also the most expensive.

I haven't played the Peavey Windsor, but my understanding is that it does a nice single channel Marshall impersonation. It's definitely worth a try.

We have a Palomino V16 in the house, and it's pretty cool. It's higher gain than it's Fender counter-part, but the reverb's not so hot. In this range, just to show my love for Fender, you may want to check out the Blues Deluxe or Hot Rod.
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Vox, man.

I'm also a big booster of the Valvetronix line. I have an AD60VTX, which models the AC30 (among others). It's really a brilliant amp, and it's cheaper than the AC30 you have listen there. It's not all valve, if that's a drawback, but it does have a valve power amp. Give it a try. It's very versatile, good for your wide-ranging tastes.
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