So I heard a rumor you can be charged 300 dollars per illegal song... is this true? I just got it and I've downloaded like 15 songs.
Yea. They trace your IP back to your computer, get your personal details from it, raid your house and pillage your bank account


you'll be fine
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If it is. im in some deep shit, i've downloaded 930 songs. BRING ON THE CHARGES!!
EDIT: Meh, thats only $279,000. *Continues to download songs*
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They can, but to find the info nedded to know that it's YOU, they would need to do some illegal stuff. So they can't.

I think.
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I've downloaded hundreds of songs from limewire, frostwire and thousands from torrents.
Downloaded a good load of movies aswell, chances of getting caught a pretty slim. there are hundreds of thousands of people downloading from these programs.
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move to mexico then they can only charge you in pesos. or they can be bastards and throw the exchange rate in
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If it is, then I guess I'm in deep shit.

Unless they changed the law, they can only charge you unless you put music up, not downloading, then again that's here in Canada.