This is a mellow acoustic type song that I wrote a few weeks ago, after I met this girl. It's a departure from the type of stuff I usually write but I really like it, especially the melody so I'll have to record it soon. It dosen't allways read like it would flow perfectly but it sounds good when I sing it in the intended melody so again, I'll try to record it soon. Im still working out the loose ends so any suggestions would help...

(this is the chorus, but I'm not sure if I want to open the song with it or not)
You might not know me
And I might know you
But really we don't seem all that different

Woke up this morning
Yeah my life seems boring
But I seem to get by fine by myself
I just met you, I know
But maybe we could grow
And try to help each other out
Ya probably think that I'm nuts
And maybe I am- but we're not that different


I don't live for glory
But I tell my stories
And try to express myself
So tell me your story
And I won't laugh
But I can't just live in the past
Yeah you probably think that I'm nuts
And maybe I am
But we're not that different
(now a variation of the chorus, the song is sung slightly louder and more intense from here on out)
You might not know me
Just don't ignore me
And you'll see that we're not all that different

You know I'm not lying
We're constantly dying
So lets try to live as best as we can
Maybe we're growing
And I think it's showing
That we're not that different
(now softer) At all
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

Washington Redskins
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