Have any of you guys had a moment like this? When you feel like you're playing is fundamentally lacking something that you cant figure out and then suddenly, the haze lifts and u realise what it is you've been missing all this time?

I just had a one of those moments and it feels so cool i felt like i wanted to share it somehow (gay as it sounds). For a few months now my physical ability and technique has been improving steadily and more obviously than it was before and it felt great, but when i watched and heard others play i just felt like they had something in their playing that just put it miles above the standard of my playing even though technically and physically they didn't seem any better at all. It was like i'd missed out on some giant email explaining these secrets to all the guitarists in the world. Then i watched a video lesson and something just clicked, i picked up my guitar and looked at the fretboard in a completly different way!

When i put on a backing track my lead playing felt incredible, it felt like i had made several massive leaps in the standard of my playing in literally a few seconds! My dad even came in and said "wow that sounds really great" (which he never usually does).

Anyone else felt like this? When everything comes together and lights up all of a sudden??? I'm sure there are loads of you, tell us your stories
Sadly I've yet to reach any of those epiphanies in recent memory
no...I haven't...hence why I still suck, of course then again, I don't have physical ability either
I'm hungry.
yah...what exactly was this revelation?
"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar"
- Jimi Hendrix
I think with everything you learn, you tend to take two steps forward and one back, and then a massive leap. Its really good when you have one. I tend to do that with music theory, I havent learned as much as I should, but when I have a break through, it puts me in a really good mood. Sometimes Ill even lose sleep over it because I start to think of everywhere I can apply it in my music. In fact after writing and reading that, I feel really pathetic lol.
i've had this happen quite a few times, but it was usually on a head full of drugs (hallucinogens and pot) and although i don't regret learning what i did learn and realize, i do regret having to smash down my sanity to get there (things still look funny all these years later). but nonetheless congrats man, keep going and most assuredly the more you practice and think about music, the more revelations you will have. btw i am neither recommending or endorsing drug use for music, nobody wants to be a burnout man.
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if you dont mind me ask, what did you realize, and may i have a link to the video?



its probably all pretty obvious to alot of you but for me it was rather a kick in the face, like i'd heard all the ideas on here before but something about the way he explained it made sense and just seemed to work in my head.

Basically its about melodic soloing, he shouts alot about people who just play around in the minor scale of the dominant key of the chord progression theyre playing over and dont really listen to the chords themselves. I realised how guilty i was of that and got a simple backing track (bad penny - rory gallgher if ure interested) that was just three chords and picked out the root notes of the chords in all the places i could find them on the neck.

I played just the root notes, then tried playing small licks in between, then it became really natural to alter my usual runs and licks so that they landed on the root chord note everytime. From then it was easy to move on to integrating arpeggios into my playing (which i'd been struggling with for awhile) and my solos seemed to turn from just excersizes to real expression.

Like a say it's all pretty simple and i knew the conecpts of it before, but for sum reason tonight it just worked and now i feel like i can play a hell of alot better. Next im gonna try harmonising the landing notes instead of just playing the roots

And on a side note, you know all those crazy faces guitarists do when they play? I never felt the need to do all that stuff until tonight when i suddenly realised i was playing with a contorted face, nearly falling over backwards
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I love that video lol.

Anyway, same thing happened to me after watching MC. I just thought, "Shit, that was right in front of my eyes the whole time, and I didn't notice it!". It's a great video. Same happened when I started writing my own solos and starting to improvise. I would be playing some lick from a Metallica solo or something, tweak it to fit with the backing and I though, "Hey, this sounds kind of like a Kirk Hammet thing, but if I do this, it's sounds like a mix between Kirk and Larry LaLonde, and if I do this, it sounds like Larry and this bend reminds me vaguely of a Marty Friedman bend..."

That's when I started paying more attention to my influences.