hey guys, im just asking, you think a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde and an MXR Dyna Comp will sound good on my Vox AD50VT? Ive been borrowing A visual sound route 66 and the compression was awsome (hope the Dyna Comp will be even better) the overdrive sound was alittle weak, but the Jekyll & Hyde should beef it up alot more. So sound ok? I play at my youth group, so christian music, i also play classic rock and john mayer type of stuff. But i really need a distrotion pedal that can cover most of the stuff (doesnt have to be Death Metal, but everything else) so maybe any good distortion/overdrive pedals. i though the Jekyll and Hyde was pretty good.
sounds good. dyna comp is amazing, and i've heard good things about the J&H as well.
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Yeah, it does sound good, but the OD on the Route 66 and J & H are exactly the same. Doesn't mean the distortion won't suit you, but the OD won't be any stronger. Another thing though, I'm pretty sure the Vox doesn't take too well to pedals; it might sound kind of dead. I personally don't know, I haven't tried pedals out with one, but I've just heard that about modelling amps.
^ Although the OD on the J&K and the Route66 are said to be the same...theres just something I love about the Route66's OD. It sounds smoother, fuller....just way more creamy. It may be just me, Idk. lol
^Well, that could be I suppose, but technically they should sound exactly the same... Were you using the compression?...
Yeah, they're both based on the Ibanez TS808 tubescreamer, although the other side of the Jekyll & Hyde is a distortion pedal, so its more for harder stuff.