I'm thinking about going to Power Chord Academy this summer. Have any of you ever gone? I downloaded the brochure and i've looked thru all of the website. But i still feel like I want to know more about it. Please tell me the goods and bads about it. thanks.
those kinda of things are always highly overpriced, but it does look kinda fun.
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yeah its about $1500 but it looks like a lot of fun, and a week or 2 away from home.
there is no "local school or rock" in this stupid little area. PCA is the most local I'll get.
I'd say it's a rip off.

And notice the name "Power chord" they're just trying to make you into another pop-punk band. lol.
there is something down here where i live, same exact thing except it is only $200 and you dont stay at housing of theres or anything like that. you just go to and from, from your house. it is with Skips Music.

I have absolutely no interest in those things and think they aren't exactly worth it, but that is just me.
Yeah i know what you mean, i live in the principal city of the most remote country of the world (chile) and there is no local school of rock, only a classic guitar academy with a lot of metal listening posers.
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I went a few years ago and I LOVED it. I plan on going back this summer. OK, you're gonna get a shitload of people telling you that they dont teach you anything, etc. The point of the camp is NOT to teach you to play your instrument, you want that, go to Berklee's summer camp. It teaches you about the music industry and playing in a band. You make some real friends and have a blast. I highly reccomend it.
your in SEATLE...ish. home of jimi hendrix! there HAS to be SOMETHING around.

JIMI HENDRIX. enough said.
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It sounds fun, but as stated before, is probably very pricey.
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