Ok, I just got some really heavy ernie ball strings...

the heaviest was 56 gauge and the lowest was 12 gauge, anyways, I put them on and tuned it up and its all slipping

it will go from E to db, after 20 seconds of playing it...what did i do?

plz plz help me, this is my second time ever stringing a guitar...im noob at this stuff
you need to stretch the strings, and if your guitar has a floating trem you will need to tighten the trem springs in the back.
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Its probably just because they are new strings and they tend to stretch, It never dropped that much for me but after a bit tey get out of tune and you need to retune them.. i use D'addiro strings so they tend not to stretch that much
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Stretch the hell out of them for a bit. Pick up the guitar by the strings and bounce it around for a while. Well, don't do that, but you get the idea.
well keep playing and then retuning it, it will stop slipping eventually

thread ur strings through and
as ur winding up the string grab the bastard, pull on it and shake it and get all that slack out. So turn the tuner a bit then shake then turn a bit more then shake. Once you get to the right tension u will have minimal slippage

well thats the way i do it and it works well for me!!
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Well first check how many strings you have. If you only have 3 you're probably going to need to add more if you're using 12 gauge strings.