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"somewhere" sounds very kool, i really like the backing vocals, gives it a really sinister tone, not sure if thats how you meant it to sound
but i really like it

"Vampires communion" is also very good, the intro got me interested straight away

only thing would be that i'd like to hear a little bit more variation in the vocal style, but thats your thing and its kool

hope thats ok

maaann both of the song are good..
i loved "somewhere" more
you did the vocals?
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"Vampire's Communion" was not bad, but the one thing that I found a bit weird was the back vocals. How can I say this, the voice was stronger than the lead vocal but I guess that's how you wanted it to be. Oh and the beggining was interesting too .

"Somewhere" is actually pretty good! I like the intro and the vocals are superbs. The back vocals are really good too. It make it sounds more..hmmm..just like rob said: "sinister".

That's not really my style of music but I really liked it . Keep up the good work.

If you have time, care to critic mine?
you used acoustica beatcraft for drummin eh? nice...

the vampire one was good untill backing vocals, but overall good
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Vampire's Communion is awesome. The bassline would sound better if it was thicker, fuller and bassier. The opening lead guitar is a little harshly trebly, but perhaps thats what youre going for, its sweet. the whole thing was very.... puscifer.

Then somewhere, sounds SO much like the first one, perhaps it is the distinctive style. some of the backup vocals came out a little too loud, sounds better way back, whispery. when the heavier stuff comes in, crank it up, its all too far back. And it doesnt nearly as smoothly as it could. But really cool, liked it alot.
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vampires communion ( really creepy title by the way)
sounds really chilli pepperish with the bass and the guitar
Im not gonna lie its pretty creepy, pretty messed up. But something like this hasnt been done to death so i like it originality. The voice doubling backs up the creepiness. The drums are quite obviously fake but thats alright they fit very nice and youre using what you have

guitar solo is pretty hip, fits the song rather than just tearing it up on a random scale
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I liked them both ,sort of Chris isaack vibe going on there....

"somewhere" i liked best but i would have less harmonised guitar at the start...keep it simple

The vox on "vampire's communion" was a bit trebley and loud in the mix but melody wise it was there

Good work !
This is difficult for me cause this is so outta my style hehe..
Well both songs are pretty good, one things that bugs me is the tone on the guitars, not that it's bad quality or anything, it's just this weird tone, very fake tone, like a really bad toneport amp or something.. But the song themselves are good, nice lead work and all, I get the whole idea of the songs.. Hmm the vocals are allright, but you should try making some more variety in them, they just stay down in this boring level all the way through both songs, it gets a little more intense in "somewhere" but I would go for some yelling almost, like pink floyd when the vocalist gives all he has, that would fit in pretty good I think, I can hear you got the voice so just go ahead
Now my finally conclusion: You do deserve to be signed! That's what we all wanna hear huh? Keep us posted mate...
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thanks guys. and johanen, definately keep me posted. your stuff is really good.
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thanks for the crit dude.

for vampire communion: the lead tone in the intro is a little bit harsh, i think it would sound better on the neck pickup with some more reverb. also, im not really diggin the double vocals in the middle. it works in the beggining (kinda pink floyd-esque). While you're doing that first little verse where you say "im hungry for communion", i think that it would better if you did some volume swells in the background... just the triads, so its not too overpowering.

Somewhere is a much better tune in my opinion. i like the harmonies you have in the beggining, but i think it would be more effective if you slowly fade them in, because the tune is pretty chill, and when those guitars hit that hard, it just doesnt really flow. i also like the transition to the solo where it gets really heavy. thats cool. for the solo: i like that you keep tying in that melody, but try to make your notes a little bit more free flowing and syncopated.

I also think that your tone definitely needs tweaking. what did you use to record this? did you mic amps or did plug into your computer?
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The vocals aren't really my style, but I love the guitar playing. Especially on "three o'clock blues". Nice work.
just the vocal styles in general. they're good just not the type of vocals i normally listen to.
Three o'clock blues:

I love the bluesy feel. Tight bass, nice drums. The lead tone in the beginning is a bit trebly.
Really enjoyed the vocals! They are THE blues. :-D

Good playing & singing, nice production.

Vampire's communion:

The atmosphere is rather ghastly! Well done. Vox are cool again.

Thanks for criting mine!
thanks. alot of people have been critting 3 oclock blues, which is great, but i really wanted more crits on "somwhere" thanks guys
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'Vampires Communion"- The begining had a very good hook on it and it got me interested right away. The gutiars seemed a bit too distant for my liking, but I did like the tone of them. I also really like the vocals, very pink floydy. The only complaints I would have are the vocals being a little too loud at some points and the accents at the begining of some of the vocal lines is kind of obnoxious(sp?).

"Somewhere"- Personally, I think "Vampires Communion" is the better of the two. In the begining I don't really like the harmonizing guitars, they sound kind of cheesy to be honest. Good work on the doubled vocals! I also like when the song kicks in and the solo is very nice. Personally, I don't like how the song just ends abrubtly(sp?), maybe fade out of hold a chord.

Good work, keep it up! Thank you for the crit on my song.
i really like your song somewhere, if you kept a good groove going on during the entire song i think it could be a real great chilling out song, i also like the double vocal melodies your doing in it, it makes the music much more complex however i think the guitar's in the solo come in a little to hard, its to much of a jump from chilling out to being blown away but a solo.

in Vampires Communion i really like the dry reverb effects your using it in it really sets a nice mood for the song, however the echoey voice distortion your using is a bit to harsh for me. i enjoy how your using the reverse playing distortion but i dont think you should use it when your doing double vocal melodies, it makes the music to muddy.
good stuff... i liked the blues song, was pretty cool. not to sure about the vocals in the first one but still pretty good. "somewhere" was probly my favourite out of the lot, the vocals sound really good with that style.
vampire communion: really nice, I like the whole creepy vibe thing it's got. it sounds to me like the backing vocals were a bit out of time sometimes.

somewhere: I like this one more. I'm liking the lyrics and the way you sang it. The vocal harmonies are a nice touch. The solo sounds kinda choppy, it needs more flow. It's a really good song though. nice work.
Hey Chrisatgrace, I listened to Mirrors of the Soul and I really enjoyed it! I thought it all went together so well, and the melody of the vocals was very interesting. There was also a lot of depth to this song which kept me interested throughout. The only thing that could've been done better was the mixing (IMO) but even that only needed tweeking. Brilliant!
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Im listening to the now. the 'vampires communion' is pretty creepy, the vocals are odd, but original and interesting... i like.

the sound of the bass is was stands out for me, i just like its solidness where the vocals cut through it. its pretty good.

'somewhere' i like the bluesy intro its got a great feeling to it. i personally prefer this song, its more relaxing without being a bit disturbing. however if i had one critisism it would be that the songs are reasonably similar and i agree with what someone has said before, that maybe because your vocals are obviously the same it gets a bit to 'samey' . however the guitar is great, i like the bluesy liks in it!

keep up the good work and if u could crit my new song radio Button. i dont have a link ut its on the originals page. cheers
i made them and wrote them in two days. thats why they are similar in vocal style.
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Critt while listening...

I like the intro alot and has good lead work but once the vocals come in im not liking them ad they are not my usual style
The rest of intrumental work in the song and i like the bass alot and the lead at the end of the song...great work!
I Like Vampire's, it has a nice sound and feel, I like the reverb on the guitar.

The other one there seem to be some problems with tempo. The multiple voicing seem to be stumbling with teach other. I like the tune, but I feel it needs more emotion. The drums are too far back, and very repetitive.
Vampire communion is almost scary...really good though, I couldn't stop listening to it, it's kinda trance-like. nice one
thanks. its meant to be scary... i was really hungry one day while being forced to go to church lol
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"I'm Hungry for COMMUNION" - very cool song. Very horro-filmish. I like where everything drops out except the bass and drums. You should have that more. It's very scary. It might sound really cool with some synths/strings/etc. It's a cool song. I like the metal part a lot, too. I liked somewhere, too. The beginning is kind of similar to communion with the bending things. I liked both these songs, but I thought the tone could be a little better (only on the distorted guitars). Somewhere was catchy and the bass playing in both your songs is very good (you know how to keep a simple groove well). Thanks for checking mine out, too.
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