hey, i have a behringer half stack running with an ibanez guitar, and i was wondering if anyone could help me by giving me settings for sweet child of mine... i try so hard but i cant get close to the same tone as slash... what pickup selector should i use and if there is an effect which one whould use? any advice is appreciated/
get a marshall amp and a gibson les paul :S nahh but seriously i have an ibanez and sometimes it find it works if u just roll back on the tone to get more of a smoother sound....cant help you bout the behinger tho
neck pickup for most of the song (you can hear when Slash change pickup in the song)
if you have high gain pickup and amp, turn down your tone knob
for amp setting, check in the setting thread:

It works better with overdrive and tube amp, but I think you can get close of he's sound
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