I am making a pedal board and I'm using velcro to secure the pedals and the crybaby wah has rubber feet sticking out so I can't use velcro to keep it on. I was wondering if anybody else had this problem and what did they do to fix it.
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maybe you could take them off and put them somewhere you wont loose them.
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try putting some velcro on them rubber feets.
might work... though small... they might be enough.
the rubber feet might be enough to keep it from slipping¿
I don't use a pedal board, but I have taken my crybaby apart numerous times (it has...issues). You can simply unscrew the four screws on the bottom and take the feet off the screws. Then, just screw the feet-less screws back into the bottom of the crybaby. All you need is a Phillip's screwdriver.
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When I was making my pedalboard I had the same problem. I tried unscrewing, then removing the feet, then screwing the screws back in. But the screws stuck out a bit. So I had to cut a little bit off the end of the screw in order for it to screw in snugly against the body of the pedal.
I use the same thread screw and screw through the pedalboard into the original holes on the wah. I forget the thread size, but take your screws (feet) to the Depot and match them up. They're just machine screws. You'll need a washer or two on the bottom of the board and tap holes in the wood, but if your screws are shorter, you may not. It doesnt budge one bit, even during heavy road use.