I attemped this weekend to record my band with a Yamaha MW12 USB mixing studio and with several microphones but it turned out to be a waste of a weekend because even with my creative soundcard, more than one instrument threw everything off sync. I know it was my PC because it's about six years old now and barely able to operate.

So basically, I want to buy a laptop that is capable of recording so I don't run into this same problem again, but I don't know what laptops are good for recording decently with all of the equipment I have.

I don't want to shell out more than I need to for a decent recording laptop, so if a Mac would do just fine it would be great because not only could I use it for recording, but I could also use it for school. But of course, music comes before school so if there's another laptop for around the same price as a Mac that's more suitable for recording than I'll think about getting that one.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
go with a mac if you were already considering it for school