I'm getting either the Epiphone SG400 or the Epiphone SG400 Vintage. The Sg 400 is $400 and the Vintage is $300.Should I pay the extra 100 dollars for what ever differences there is?Are there different pick ups or anything, cheaper hardware?
If this won't make your decision harder, I heard that they were dropping the price on g400 down to $300 just like the vintage. I say save extra and buy both.
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I don't know what type of music you play but you might like the Limited Edition SG with EMGs(81/85) for somewhere around $400
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I was reading the specs on the Vintage G-400 and it has a satin finish. I love the feel of satin finish on necks. But anyways there is no real difference that I noticed besides the finish. I am thinking I should pick one up along with the H1.
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i have the sg400 maestro limited edition. i have to say its a great guitar. nice neck and beautiful hardware. if you got 399.99 to spend i would say get it because its a great guitar.
i'm not really into the epiphone sg 400's, but i would say just take the vintage
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I just got an SG-400 the other day.. i would definately suggest it, it's amazing.. i'd spend the extra money because there is a reason for the vintage being $100 less