Hey, I was just wondering about the quality of Danelecto pedals. They are plastic and don't look too sturdy. I was thinking about getting the Fish 'n Chips (and possibly the FAB Overdrive). I'm not necessarily talking about the sound, more about the reliability and sturdiness. Any help would be greatly apprectiated.

BTW, I'm not talking about the "Wasabi" kind. Just the standards. Some reviews on MF and GC say their are plastic but reliable, and some say they suck. Thanks guys.
I have 3 of the Fab pedals (Flange, Chorus, Echo)...while the shell is plastic, it is actually pretty sturdy.. I have yet to have one fall apart/break/physical problem at all. On the other hand, the quality on the FABs are pretty bad..but for $15 their fun to play around with.
I've had the F&C for about a month now, so I guess I can't really say much, but I've had absolutely no problems with it, and it is really quite sturdy. They're not gonna be tanks or anything, but I really wouldn't worry about it much.