hey guys and gals

this is a little thing i did in collaboration with some guys at uni (they're 3rd years, i'm a second year and they needed someone to do the vocals)

it was a real last minute thing, the song was put together in a couple of days, the vocals written on the spot and recorded between 12am-5am one stupidly tiring night/morning. however...it meant it didnt realy make sense as none of us were awake, and it was going to be handed in the next day...

just thought people on here might wanna have a listen

it's not completely mixed...but as Rich, the guy who mixed it so far is snowed under with work this is as far as he got, and its still alright

we went for a Bloc Party/Strokes kinda thing, but i dunno, i'll let you guys decide about that

give it a listen, i think it gets a lot better a couple of minutes into it when it has a piano-breakdown and builds all the way back up again

but anyways, yeh, hope you all like it

constructive criticism is gonna be well appreciated

Were They Waiting

oh yeh...and sorry for the little blip at the end...meant to get rid of that haha