Crazy Youth

I'll crit for crit anyone who listens. I write real reviews too - none of that one line bullshit.


that was really good man.

Your other stuff is great too. Where are you from?

Btw.. vocals work really nice with teh songs too. Sometimes vocals mess up the song but it works. Keep it up.
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Wow... sounds extremly professional. I simply loved it! The vocals are superb, the 2 guitars are extraordinary, the drums are really good as for the bass, it's nice too . The lyrics are really cool I really liked them. I wish you guys good luck, and if you ever get an album out I'll surely buy it .

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man that was 100% awsum. theres honestly nothing bad about ur tracks that i could point out............was all good!! making them faultless!!!!! ur singer has a great voice,really suits the acoustic style. i play acoustic stuff more so and id love to hear any others u might have
ps... perfect was my favourite
cheers bretto

if u get a chance