not sure whether this will ever actually be made into a song... sort of more of a poem, but anyway, hope you enjoy it, maybe some suggestions, thnx

So here it is man
I feel it stronger than ever man
I feel it in my bones man
For the first time, I finally know where I stand
I know what to do man
I know Ill make it through man
For the first time
I am my own man
Y’all don’t know where I been man
Y’all don’t know what I’ve seen man
I’ve been this close
This close man
To ending it all
But I didn’t
And you know why I didn’t man?
Cuz I saw through the shit man
Through the urges to quit man
Saw the beauty of life man
And it made me smile
To think I was that close
To ending it all
Just one more inch man
I wouldn’t be here man
To see the faces
Those beautiful places
That come with a new life man
I’m done with the shit man
The lies that you spit man
That tell me to quit man
To give up and die
I’m done with that shit man
Moving on
Done with the nights
That I stayed up cryin
Stayed up wishin I was dyin
Wishin I could move
Just one more inch
And id be gone
Gone from the pain
Gone from the blame
From the selfish game
You played with my heart
But I’m still here
And I have the scars
From the days I felt like dyin
The days I gave up tryin
And I gotta say
I didn’t do it alone
Couldn’t take it alone
So I finally did something right
Went to friends who were true
Friends who weren’t you
Friends who I could trust
To tell me the truth
To tell me that you
And me
Werent meant for each other
And how true that has been
Cuz I haven’t seen you since
And I don’t regret it
Nah, I don’t regret it man
Don’t need it man
Don’t need the drama
Don’t need the hypocrisy
Of you
same ^^
and maybe the name can be dude because you used man so much
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