hello! I have an Ibanez SR300DX soundgear and even though it's really a great bass, i'm kind of tired of its sound. A friend toldme to trade my bas for his bass, an OLP MM3 fiver, natural finish, tort pickguard, maple neck, it's a real beauty, what do you guys think about it? it's in mint condition...I'll ultimately decide when I play it but i'd like the help thanks in advance.

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
I had one. It had a solid black pickguard, but still....it was the same bass. I loved it. It is still my favorite bass that I've owned to date. I still have it, but it's in a horrible broken condition. I abused that instrument horribly, and now I wish I hadn't. If I were you, I'd trade for it and take damn good care of that bass.