I was wondering if any of you could help me: I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I'm just over 9stone in weight and 5ft 8 in height. I'm not fat or anything I just have your average body type.

Anyway could anyone give me some information on what type of stuff I should be eating (no suppliments). I want to gain 1 and a half stone in mass.

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Cheese and protein shakes always works for me.

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Lost of proteins and carbs. Cut down on the fats and fatty acids. Maybe have a protein bar or shake before or after hitting the gym. Water is better then Gatorade= less calories.

I know because I go to the gym often to workout for my hockey team. 5'9" 158 pounds all muscle
If you ever want to build anything you never have enough protein. Just get like a big jar at a superstore and it's 100% protein. I would cut down a bit on carbs though.

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Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein = The Best

Meats with low carbs and fats are good because of their plentiful protein. Chicken and Turkey are two good examples of that. The fruits and vegetables will help make your system stronger, and should help as well.
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Proteine is good but you should not take too much, your body could get really sick from it and you will eventually not be able to move alot without any extreme pain ( It happenned to my mother who train for around 2 years and she was a bit too excessive on the proteins), yes proteins are good but you should take a shake juste after your training and that would be good enough.

I'll explain to you how to do shakes (I took alot myself :P)

you need to get powder proteins, be sure it's natural.
Put powder with yougourt, pineapple juice and fruits in the mixer... and mix it, drink a glass of this after each training.

It'll taste shit but pineapple and proteins help you gain muscular mass and to have better results you have to take it in the hour after you train.

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