As you are probably aware, ozzfest is free this year. Does anyone think this is unreasonable, or is it a good idea? what do you think????
So...Ozzfest is free this year...

asked by JonOak on 02/08/2007

free isn't good enough, they should start paying people to go

answered by Jess on 02/10/2007"

that was from Ask CKY LMFAO!!!!
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i think it's a bad idea. they say it's to give back to the fans, but the tickets aren't much anyways. i think.

well i think that it would be more reasonable to sell tickets but just for like 5 bucks or somethin.......
I think it's pretty cool, but I'm sure as hell not going now, do you realize how many people are going to be there now that it's free? haha
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