the battery for my laptop doesnt last for more than two hours...which i thinnk is quite odd because everyone else i know that has a laptop battery lasts for almost all day....any suggestions....btw i have charged it for days at a time and it still doesnt go for long....maybe a job for the geek squad?
Geek squad? Yeah that would be UG.

You're not supposed to charge batteries for days. If the battery is old I suggest replacing it, if not then your laptop may be sucking alot of electricity or the battery is flawed somehow.
Do you keep it on the charger even when it's full? That's always a bad idea.

If you keep any rechargeable electronic device plugged into its charger when the battery's full, it shortens the battery life.
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^Laptops usually start drawing power directly from the plug when the battery is full, not the battery itself.

My laptop battery last for only 2 and half hours, and I'm pretty sure thats normal. I wouldn't work about it.
It depends on how hardcore your computer is and how cheap your battery is
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yoiur battery is permanently dying
even recharge. batteries die eventually
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What's your processor?

If its something like Pentium 4, then your laptop won't last that long at all.
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