neck pickup, roll tone back
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on my mesa i use the neck pickup, on the 3rd channel (main lead) with my Boss SD-1 set at:
level: full
Tone: 9 o'clock
drive: 2 o'clock
EDIT: yeah, hothead6999 is right, not much tone to it
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neck pickup
a lil tone
a lil distortion
pretty heavy wah for the second half of the solo
play fluidly
a little vibrato on the interludes
a lot of vibrato on most of the solo
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Not to be mean, but there are 10000000000000000 threads about this. Slash's tone doesnt come from his guitar, 95% of it comes from his amps. He uses his Marshall Slash sig, Marshall Jubilee series and Marshall JCM 800's are about as close as you can get without giving away a kidney for his sig. And his setup contains no effects pedals. He uses low output Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups, which makes it a bit tricky if u have hot pups. But i believe that SCOM was recorded before his sig came out. Which means he used a JCM 800 Dual Channel Reverb. So about as close as you can get without getting a JCM 800 is the Marshall Jackhammer Pedal, which has a specific switch to emulate the JCM800
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